About Me

My background

Hello, I'm Allie! I started The Bhakti Collective in 2015, and have been showing my bohemian-inspired art and decor pieces at festivals and artist events around the north east, since. I have lived in a lot of beautiful places, bringing something from each of them with me to the next chapter of my life, and into my art. I am a scientist by training, but had an opportunity to study art, art history, and the French language abroad in Paris; that experience is what shifted my view on art from a frivolous hobby, to a valuable personal expression.

My experience

The Bhakti Collective was birthed after watching a series of documentaries on African basket weaving. I don't feel compelled to strictly weave traditional baskets, but the beauty I saw, and the initiative and inspiration I felt from watching these stunning, functional vessels emerge from twisted reeds by the hands of these amazingly strong women, was second-to-none. Soon after, my dreams were dripping with design hypotheses, and I couldn't sit still any longer.

My vision

My vision is continually evolving as I discover new depths and heights within myself. My current projects are heavily involved with concrete - an industrial, and traditionally banal, material. By creating preciously beautiful pieces from materials that are commonly overlooked I challenge viewers to choose to value works, based on a connection felt (or not felt), rather than a one-dimensional, breathless market value. My goal for creating new pieces is to turn unexpected materials into stunning, one-of-a-kind art and concrete jewelry, to spread joy, love, and empowerment.

What is Bhakti?

Bhakti (prounounced: BAHK-tee)

 Fun Fact: The Bhakti Collective is named for a  specific yoga practice. Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of love and devotion,  where good intentions are cultivated and given freely. Bhakti has been  called "love, for love's sake", which is my goal in creating art, appreciating people, and sharing love

Artistic Method

I combine materials to create unique art and home decor pieces through knitting, macrame, weaving, wrapping, dying, glazing, and other fine art techniques. 

Favorite Materials

Concrete, wood, yarn, hemp, wire, fabric, paper, stone, glass, metal and other unexpected materials that might be transformed into art. 


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